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Program Details

Summer And After School Programs

Category: Children / Youth


Summer & Afterschool Programs provides academic and non-academic support for students and families. The overarching goals of the program are to significantly expand learning opportunities for children and youth, and increase student achievement in reading and math.


  • Homework and tutoring
  • Nutrition education
  • Health & safety
  • Recreation
  • Field trips
  • Arts & crafts
  • Cultural programs
  • Community service
  • Career development
  • Academic enrichment
  • Prevention programs
  • Parent engagement
  • Technology
  • Keeps kids safe during out of school time
  • Helps working families
  • Adult / Child Care Food Program provides meals & snacks

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is determined by meeting one of the following:

  • Children performing below proficiency in Reading and/or Math Achievement Tests
  • Family is eligible for free/reduced lunches
  • Disabled child
  • Limited English proficiency


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Eligible Counties

Sandusky (Fremont and Clyde-Green Springs school district)

Contact Information

Sandusky County
Brady Building
219 South Front St.
Fremont, OH 43420
(419) 334-8911
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