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  “The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation” -Jacob Bronowski  
Program Details

Summer And After School Programs

Category: Children / Youth


Summer & Afterschool Programs provides academic and non-academic support for students and families. The overarching goals of the program are to significantly expand learning opportunities for children and youth, and increase student achievement in reading and math.


  • Homework and tutoring
  • Nutrition education
  • Health & safety
  • Recreation
  • Field trips
  • Arts & crafts
  • Cultural programs
  • Community service
  • Career development
  • Academic enrichment
  • Prevention programs
  • Parent engagement
  • Technology
  • Keeps kids safe during out of school time
  • Helps working families
  • Adult / Child Care Food Program provides meals & snacks

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is determined by meeting one of the following:

  • Children performing below proficiency in Reading and/or Math Achievement Tests
  • Family is eligible for free/reduced lunches
  • Disabled child
  • Limited English proficiency


Apply Now

Eligible Counties

Sandusky (Fremont and Clyde-Green Springs school district)

Contact Information

Sandusky County
Mae Dell Leake (After School Program Coordinator)
Brady Building
219 South Front St.
Fremont, OH 43420
(419) 334-8911
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8/2/2013 Summer program inspires local employer
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10/9/2012 National “Lights On” campaign celebrated locally Oct. 19
8/10/2012 WSOS Rossford preschool center has a new location
8/3/2012 WSOS seeking Wood County preschoolers
5/14/2012 Local preschool teacher retires after 25 years
5/11/2012 Bradner center teacher earns WSOS Spark Award
5/7/2012 Perrysburg preschool teacher retires after 44 years
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7/23/2011 WSOS enrolling preschoolers now for 2011 classes
5/10/2011 WSOS loses 41 years combined experience with two retirements
5/10/2011 WSOS staffer earn Outstanding Teacher award
4/12/2011 Month of the Young Child celebrated by WSOS Early Childhood program in Clyde
4/12/2011 Month of the Young Child celebrated by WSOS Early Childhood program in Bellevue
3/23/2011 Child abuse prevention activities to be featured in April
3/8/2011 Rep. Kaptur to highlight open house of new WSOS center
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2/16/2011 Perrysburg celebrates WSOS preschool centers’ quality award designation
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10/7/2010 Local after school programs join the nation in “Lights On” campaign
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5/18/2010 Education researcher visit Jordan center in Bowling Green
5/12/2010 Child Development employee completes certification
4/26/2010 After School Program sites earn Step Up to Quality awards
4/2/2010 Child abuse prevention activities to be featured in April
3/26/2010 Applications for summer school in Clyde available now
3/15/2010 ODNR presents award to WSOS’ early childhood program
2/5/2010 WSOS enrolling now in its early childhood programs
1/13/2010 Preschoolers invite community to center
12/18/2009 WSOS program for preschoolers earn award
12/18/2009 Fremont resident chosen as national Corps member of the Year
11/2/2009 Roppe Corporation installs new floor for Bascom's preschoolers
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