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TRIPS offering 50-cent rides for holiday shopping

Area residents, especially senior citizens, who may wish to do some holiday shopping and who have no transportation can do so for no more than 50 cents per ride.

TRIPS transportation, a service provided by WSOS, will offer the reduced fare for rides from 6-9 p.m. beginning November 1, Monday through Saturday.

TRIPS will provide these extended hours and reduced rates in Sandusky County only. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The reduced fare is on a per person and per trip basis. For example, to go to Kmart the cost will be 50 cents to go and 50 cents to come for one person, for a total of $1.

For those who are mobility challenged, there are passenger care attendants available to assist them on and off the bus. Those using the service to go shopping should not have more than six bags.

TRIPS, which means Transportation Resources for Independent People of Sandusky County, is a partnership of 11 county organizations and has been in operation since 1998. It is funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Federal Transit Administration, the Area Office on Aging, and donations.

To schedule your trip, or for more information on TRIPS, call 419-332-8091.