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TRIPS reduces fares for transportation around the county

Beginning November 1, fares to use the WSOS TRIPS transportation were reduced. New fares were approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), which funds the Sandusky County service.

The new fare for traveling within Fremont City limits is now $1 per person per ride. So, if a person who lives within the city limits wants to go to WalMart, the cost for the trip to and from will be $2.

Rates for those in Ballville and Sandusky townships are now $2 per person per ride while the remainder of the county will pay $3 per person per ride.

All other fares remain the same. This means that if you need to go to a doctor or the airport in Cleveland or Columbus, the cost will still be $150 per round-trip. If the doctor’s appointment lasts more than one hour, the cost will still be $10 per additional hour.

To use TRIPS transportation, reservations are required 24 hours in advance and are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The service operates Monday through Saturday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

TRIPS vans are handicap-accessible and there are passenger care attendants available for those who need assistance to and from the vehicle. Those with children under age 8 and less than 4-foot, nine inches tall are required to provide a federally approved child safety seat for their children. TRIPS do ask that riders do not take more than six bags on the vans.

For information or to make a reservation, call 419-332-8091 at least 24 hours before your ride. Those who need to can use the Ohio Relay at 1-800-750-0750.