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Summer cooling help available soon

Energy assistance to eligible residents of Wood, Sandusky, Ottawa and Seneca counties will be available soon through WSOS Community Action Commission.

The WSOS Summer Crisis Program begins July 2 and continues through Aug. 31, 2018 to provide low-income disabled or elderly residents with electric bill payments, central air conditioning repairs and other needs to keep cool this summer. Eligible low-income households must have an older household member (60 years or older), or households that can provide physician documentation that cooling assistance is needed for a household member’s health.

The Centers for Disease Control notes that older adults, individuals with chronic illness, and those who are on certain medications are at a greater risk for heat stroke and other heat-related illness.

“Keeping cool on extremely hot summer days is important for everyone, especially those who are more at-risk for health issues during hot weather,” WSOS Basic Needs Specialist Joyce McCauley-Benner said. “Summer Crisis Program support helps keep people safe.”

Those who are applying should bring a photo ID; proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate; social security number for each member of the household; verification of a medical condition by a licensed physician or registered nurse practitioner; and documentation for all income in the household for those 18 years or older for the last 30 days, or proof of income for the past 12 months if the past 30 days is not reflective of normal income. Those who have odd jobs, side work, seasonal work or are self-employed will be required to bring their most recently filed complete tax return and/or an IRS tax transcript.

Ohioans enrolled in the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus Program (PIPP Plus) are not eligible for bill payment assistance through the program, but are encouraged to work WSOS to identify other opportunities for assistance.

For more information about the Summer Crisis Program, call 419-334-8911. To apply for the Summer Crisis Program, call the scheduling hotline at 1-888-441-4327.

Additional information can also be found at or