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Dignity & Respect Event, LIFT school supply giveaway coming Aug. 19 to downtown Fremont

Many area organizations, merchandise and food vendors, and entertainers will be part of the Dignity & Respect Event, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017 in downtown Fremont, in conjunction with the Fremont Farmers Market.

The Dignity & Respect Event is part of a nationwide campaign that promotes behaviors that help individuals contribute to a positive environment in their workplaces and communities.

The event includes a wide variety of music and entertainment performances, fresh produce and other farmers’ market vendors, a Senior Oasis tent and more.

This year, Living in Faith Together (LIFT) will be hosting and coordinating the school supply giveaway at the Dignity & Respect Event. In past years, LIFT and Dignity & Respect had hosted separate school supply drives and giveaways. Consolidating both events allows for a more effective use of community resources and volunteers.

“We want families in the community to be aware that the LIFT giveaway is now part of Dignity & Respect event,” said Alex Boroff, Dignity & Respect Event co-chair. “LIFT has always done an incredible job of serving children in need of school supplies, and it made the most sense to roll our events together to make the most of our efforts.”

Along with the school supply giveaway, LIFT works with Pontifex to distribute school uniforms. Sandusky County Share and Care is also assisting with school uniforms at the event.

The Dignity & Respect Event is sponsored by US Bank, Fremont City Schools, City of Fremont, Downtown Fremont, Living in Faith Together (LIFT), Sandusky County Share and Care and WSOS Community Action Commission, and is supported with the help of many organizations and participants.