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PIPP, EPP help customers manage utility payments

In addition to the PIPP Plus program that offers Ohio energy consumers a chance to lower their utility payments and eliminate debt, the EPP program can offer energy-saving measures to reduce overall utility usage in the home.

Energy consumers who enroll in the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) Plus program for fixed monthly utility payments may also be eligible for services through the Electric Partnership Program (EPP). In order to be eligible for EPP, clients must meet PIPP income eligibility standards (150% Federal Poverty Guidelines or below) and also have 12 consecutive months of electric usage at their current address; have an annual electric baseload usage of at least 5,000 kWh; and have electricity provided by Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison or American Electric Power.

PIPP Plus is an income-based payment plan for low-income that allows them to make utility payments based on their incomes. The program sets a fixed monthly utility rate for customers that must be paid on time and in full each month. EPP offers energy education, replacement energy-efficient light bulbs, high efficiency refrigerators or freezers and other measures that can reduce home utility usage.

“PIPP helps customers manage their utility bills and reduce debt through setting up regular payment plans that fit their budgets,” Joyce McCauley-Benner, basic needs specialist, said. “EPP’s energy-saving measures can reduce utility usage in the home and lower the overall amount the household spends on energy.”

WSOS Community Action Commission provides PIPP and EPP services for eligible Wood, Sandusky, Ottawa and Seneca County residents. WSOS also provides EPP in Erie and Huron counties.

To schedule an appointment to apply or re-verify for PIPP, please call the WSOS scheduling hotline at 1-888-441-4327. For more information on PIPP or EPP, visit