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Home-based program offers alternative preschooling for children

Parents interested in a unique, home-based alternative to center preschools are encouraged to enroll their children in WSOS Early Head Start Home-Based program.

Families in the Home-Based program receive weekly visits from teachers who work with both parents and children to develop a learning plan that accommodates the household’s needs. 

“The program emphasizes parents as taking a lead role in their child’s education,” said Julie Oliver, WSOS Parent, Family & Community Engagement Coordinator. “Teachers work closely with parents to create educational plans that parents can continue with their children throughout the week when the instructor isn’t present.”

Along with weekly teacher visits, the WSOS Early Head Start Home-Based Program offers regular playgroups, services for children with disabilities, opportunities for parents to volunteer or participate in program leadership roles, and more.

“The Home-Based program is a great alternative for families who may have difficulty accessing center preschools because of inflexible schedules, transportation or other reasons,” Oliver added.

The Early Head Start Home-Based Program is available to Sandusky, Ottawa and Seneca County families with children ages birth through 3. Income eligibility rules apply.

For more information, visit or call 419-334-8911 or 1-800-775-9767.