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Free home repairs available to eligible City of Norwalk residents

Norwalk residents interested in receiving home repairs or rehabilitations are encouraged to seek assistance through the City of Norwalk Community Housing Impact & Preservation (CHIP) Program.

Administered by WSOS Community Action Commission on behalf of the City of Norwalk in partnership with Huron County, the CHIP program helps eligible homeowners in owner-occupied homes by providing needed repairs and rehabilitations. CHIP-funded programs offer income-eligible homeowners the opportunity to upgrade plumbing or electrical systems, repair or replace roofs, fix or replace furnaces and water heaters, and secure other vital improvements or repairs to their residences.

CHIP home repairs fix one or two significant problems occurring within the home, and are provided at no cost to homeowners. CHIP Home rehabilitations provide more extensive repair work to the home, and are funded through a combination of a grant and a no-interest deferred loan payable at the time of the home’s sale or title transfer.

Residents must be at or below 80 percent of Huron County median income to qualify (e.g. $46,250 for a family of four).

For more information, visit or call WSOS Community Action Commission at 1-800-775-9767 or 1-419-639-2802.