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Free private well assessments available for Kelley’s Island homeowners

WSOS Great Lakes Rural Community Assistance Program is offering private well assessments free-of-charge for Kelley’s Island homeowners who use wells as their primary drinking water source.

Assessments include a visual, in-person inspection of the well for proper sanitary seals, well cap screens, casing condition, source water vulnerability, and other items related to well performance. Assessments provide homeowners with feasible solutions for identified  issues, and can also help homeowners access to federal, state and other funding available for well construction or repair. Well inspection results are only shared with the homeowner, unless the homeowner requests otherwise.

Homeowners must be present for the inspections, which take approximately one hour or less to complete.

The program is offered through a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant and in partnership with the University of Illinois, National Ground Water Association, National Environmental Health Association, and Water Systems Council.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Cindy Brookes at 419-334-5016, or schedule online at